Bogey Social Episode #7: Miracle On 12


For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of playing golf in Scottsdale, AZ you must plan a trip out there as soon as possible. The views are unreal, the weather is spectacular, and the conditions are some of the best this group of Bogey golfers have ever played on. While most of the trip we were eaten alive by the courses we played, there was one moment that will live on forever…


Let’s set the mood, shall we?!?


We arrived at Mountain Shadows Short Course around 11am on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023. The anticipation in the air was palpable and our expectations were through the roof! We were just planning on using the short, par-3 course as a scenic warmup for the weekend but after a plus eight start thru the first eleven holes, we needed something to jump start us on the back nine.


That something started with a free shot of fireball from the cart girl, followed by an odd-defying swing on the 12th tee box.


The 12th hole at Mountain Shadows is a short Par-3--only about 85 yards in length but it has an incredible two-tiered green with about a ten-foot elevation change. In this case, the pin was at the bottom of the green and apparently the shot to play was to throw the ball up in the air into the slope and let it come back down to the pin. After seeing the first two in the group hit their tee shots to a few feet of the hole with this strategy, I decided to give it a go. My tee shot was majestically thrown into the air and landed softly into the massive hill on the green. As it slowly began to run back towards the pin, it was as if time stood still on that tee box. I began to cry out, "get in the hole, get in the hole, get in the hole." Then, the greatest moment of my life (except for marrying my wife and the birth of my daughter) happened...the ball trickled into the hole for my first ever Hole-in-One!


As you can imagine, what came next was me going absolutely nuts and racing up to the putting green to see that little white ball at the bottom of the cup. I was so damn happy that after picking up that pearly white golf ball that deserves to be on my desk or in a shadow box, I gave it a kiss and since the camera was rolling for video, I did a pump fake like I was going to chuck the ball into the lake next to the green. Well, in all my excitement I decided to actually let it fly and made quite possibly one of the worst throws you will ever see!  So my hole-in-one ball now sits at the bottom of the lake on hole 12 at Mountain Shadows, but at least I have witnesses and a short video to back-up my story.

Drinks were purchased, laughs were had, and hole 12 at Mountain Shadows will be a memory that I never forget.




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