John Rahm Goes Back to Back!

Hate him or love him, Jon Rahm is a beast and he already has a pair of wins in back to back starts on the PGA Tour in 2023. Though his first win of the season came on the heels of an epic meltdown by Colin Morikawa, this week he was tested by an unlikely and relatively unknown challenger, Davis Thompson. Thompson gave Rahm one hell of a match on Sunday and reignited a common argument amongst golfers around the world post COVID, to pull the pin or not pull the pin. Whatever side of the fence you fall, Thompson sure seems to be a rising star for the PGA Tour and played very well for a rookie with a lead on Sunday. 

Amateur Makes Hole in One 

51 year old, Adam Fuller, had a moment he will never forget playing the Nicklaus Tournament Course this past Saturday. On the eighth hole, the amateur golfer from Atlanta hit his 5th Hole-in-One on the 141 yard, par 3. Fuller, who carries a 2-handicap said, "It was the first one in competition and of course it was special to do it while playing with pros”. 

Norman calls Tiger is a "Mouthpiece" for the PGA Tour

Another week and more squawking between the PGA Tour and LIV. Wish they would settle this on the course instead of the courtroom, because this whiny back and forth is really getting old. Here is what we would we would like to see happen.

Format: Ryder Cup 

Course: The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island, SC 


  • PGA Wins - LIV Golfers cannot compete in Majors, they cannot be ranked in the World Golf Rankings, and are banned for life from the PGA Tour
  • LIV Golf Wins: Their players can compete in Majors, they can be ranked in World Golf Rankings, and are able to be selected for team events, such as the Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup. 

EA Sports PGA "Road to the Masters" vs. 2K23 PGA TOUR

Will the Tiger faithful cause EA Sports to flop? This is a toss up and really feels similar to the LIV vs. PGA Tour drama. Why do we have to choose to play Augusta National or as the greatest golfer of all time. That's right we said it, and you know who we are talking about. It's always a money grab and the fans are the ones that suffer, but we can't blame Tiger for parting ways with EA Sports after they dropped him, just wish there were all the courses available on both games. 





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